Abby Rubinstein - American Expressionist Paintings

Comment by: Rosalie
Abby, beautiful work. I hope to make it to your studio some day soon.

Comment by: Emily
Abbey, thank you for letting me come and see your studio, your art is so beautiful!
Comment by: Ginny Wilson
Dear Abby, Kathryn Hall introduced us during your exhibit at Arts Visalia. What vibrant colors and joy of life in your art! You inspire me, a photographer who attempts to capture similar feelings.
Comment by: Darci Alexander
When I fell in love with the family painting at Jonna's I never dreamed I'd get to meet the artist! What a wonderful experience and now I get to see your other work which is such a joy too! Your Journey Series is very special. I hope you can tell me more about it sometime.
Comment by: Joy Misra
So much Beauty, Abby, thank you for sharing! Reminds me of a silhoette, breathed into being. What color and depth!
Comment by: Kathryn Hall
I love your gorgeous and evocative art, and this website shows it off beautifully.
Comment by: Cathy Cornell
Congratulations on your latest show, Abby. We wish we could see it. I am sure it will be dazzling!
Comment by: Brenda L. San
You are an amazing Aritst Ms. Rubinstein!! Your art is Stunning, Impactful, and mentally Engraving. I have forwarded to all my friends and family who have an appreciation for an accomplished artist like yourself, in and outside California; and have asked that they forward to theirs. I'm Honored to have met you! I love you & your paintings!
Comment by: Linda Temple
I came upon your painting through Marttin Williamson on Facebook. I do SO love your paintings. Hoping we can be friends. Linda
Comment by: Tomas Walton
Abby, Thanks for the personal tour of your website and the fun conversation. Good to have you and your family visit our bookstore here in Pahoa. I'll be exploring your website; taking the "journey" you began for me. I feel the deep comfort and warmth of your work and of you. Aloha, Tomas
Comment by: Marn Reich
Your website is lovely, and I've always admired your artwork.
Comment by: muzyqman
I love my two Abby's. "A Walk in the Woods" is the first thing I see when I enter my home.
Comment by: henry bianchini
you are a great painter ms. rubinstein. a colorist of the first rank. if soutine were alive (and he is) he would find you (and he has) he would fall in love with you (and he has). henry bianchini
Comment by: DAVe
Beautiful work.
Comment by: Leandra Garcia
I love your new website! I'm always of fan, I especially love "La Chariada" !!! Hope you are doing well!
Comment by: April Fountain
Your art nourishes me with it's strength and beauty. Thank you for YOU. You are the best MOM in the world
Comment by: don schengel
welcome to the 21st century. the 19th has its special place, but the internet certainly exposes more people to your beautiful work
Comment by: Betty Berk
WIW! Love your paintings and drawings, will buy all of them.
Comment by: Lisa Strongin
As always, I am blown away by the power and breadth of your work!
Comment by: Jean Beglin
Abby!!! This is a well put together and attractive site that really showcases your work. What a wonderful way to share a bit of it, and yourself, with us. Proud of you! (I'm saving my pennies for an original someday) Love ya! btw - I'm a fan of your on Facebook too ;-) ~Jean
Comment by: Artemis Bodor
Stunning and haunting. I so GROK your art, lovely Abby. Miss you. xo
Comment by: Steffi Catalano
Abby, my new friend, I feel so lucky to have been led to your beautiful and meaningful paintings - and to you!
Comment by: Karen Woodard
Aunt Abby ~ The paintings, the website, and YOU -- all so very exquisite! Your beautiful and profound paintings speak, and I hear you... Magnificent!
Comment by: Dan Gianopulos
That's great Abby.
Comment by: Kathryn Hall
Your magnificent art is beautifully displayed. The website makes me hungry for more.
Comment by: Nathaniel Dill
Outstanding work. I had no idea I was in the presence of a genious.
Comment by: Loreen Willenberg
Your website is as lovely as your paintings, Abby. What a pleasure to see your work again, and to know how fortunate I was as a girl of 10 to watch you paint. You have touched me once again, 45 years later, with your vintage painting of the 'un-masking' resonates with the same emotion I felt when, following 14 years of silence, I disclosed my HIV+ status publicly in 2006. Blessings be!
Comment by: Bill Bruce
Website: www,
Abby....I echo all the good words that have been posted prior to mine! From the time I first saw your work many years ago I still feel your strength, energy, and the feeling that goes into each piece. Your web design does justice to your beautiful work...Bill
Comment by: April Fountain
Mom, Absolutely gorgeous job! Your work is showcased so beautifully. Many Kudos to the woman who designed this for you too. I hope she gets to see all these wonderful responses you are getting.
Comment by: Patrick Whalen
What a wonderful site. What wonderful paintings
Comment by: Sue Coggins
WOW, Abby your paintings are evolving and revolving palettes of fine color---all applied in the most perfect places to elicit emotions at the deepest levels of Being. Marvelous!
Comment by: Ginny Dederich
Fabulous website -- best wishes to you and good luck in all ways!
Comment by: patty sabatier
your people in your art are so alive to me. thank you. i loved the opporutnity to view your art. thanks again.
Comment by: Betty Berk
Love the paintings!
Comment by: Lorraine Borges rock girl! This is absolutely beautiful and an impressive view of your art!! I'm so proud for you! Yours, Bubbula
Comment by: Deb Madison
Aunt Ab -- you are so happening!!!! The website is really well designed and the home page is perfection. I think your work is beautifully showcased! I am proud you are my Aunt! xxxxx Deb
Comment by: Jerry
Beautiful site. Wishing you the best results with your wonderful art.
Comment by: Anna Kunkin
Wow! this is fabulous! I love the way the paintings unfold and flow. Congratulations!
Comment by: Heather Flores
Looks GREAT so far! :D I'm so excited

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