Abby Rubinstein - American Expressionist Paintings

Straight from the fields the old campesino came to my door and knocked ....

"Please, may I see your paintings, señora? He went from painting to painting pausing at some and passing by others.                                                          The Joke

I don't think that he was conscious of anyone else in the room. Suddenly he slapped his thigh with his straw sombrero, laughed and called out, "Yo sẻ, Yo sẻ!"   (I know, I know!) There was something about this painting that had moved him, like two friends who agreed on some point.

My efforts were rewarded and we nodded at each other in recognition. Not only did he come to my painting, my painting came to him. What greater affirmation can there be for an artist than to have created a work of art that knows how to have a conversation.