Abby Rubinstein - American Expressionist Paintings


Referring to myself as an "American Expressionist", I find that if I need a "label" it is with the philosophy of the early Expressionists that I hold the greatest affinity.

Dipping into the vast array of ideas, people, and vitality of my world, I seek a configuration or movement, color or atmosphere that corresponds with my innermost emotions. I use this as my vehicle, bending it and developing it until it speaks for me and meets others with whom it can have a conversation. I am interested in using nature, not copying it. The turn of a head, the wrinkle in a sleeve, the flip of a finger, the transition of a color to another can be unbelievably expressive of attitudes and emotions. I attempt to grasp these as I perceive them and bring them together into a moving and powerful work of art.

I believe that a true work of art transcends time barriers and that an imitative picture with nothing more exciting than correct proportions and acceptable composition will, in very short order, mean very little to anyone. But I think that a true work of art contains an indefinable element that touches a main spring of intuitive response within a viewer and effects a very intimate meeting. It's that intimate meeting that I seek when I paint.

I believe that if I have expressed myself adequately, the viewer is invited into the painting. This is my purpose and if I am successful then it is my achievement.


Statement of Purpose