Abby Rubinstein - American Expressionist Paintings

abby photo In 1943, at the age of fifteen, Abby Rubinstein began her studies at the art school of the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York. Having won a scholarship after her first year, she continued her studies with RufinoTomayo, Joseph Presser, George Pippin, Francis Chris and the water colorist John Bindrum.
She also spent many hours studying the paintings at the New York Museum of Modern Art. She was moved by the color of the Impressionists and the emotions and movement of the Expressionists like Soutine, Nolde, Roualt and Hyman Bloom. More than anything that she had learned from her formal studies, the works of these artists became of major importance to her throughout her painting career. Unaware of the labels, she was instinctively drawn to the diverse school of Expressionist painting. Over the years her philosophy became more defined until she consciously became an Expressionist painter.
At twenty-three she moved to California where she studied briefly at the Otis Art Institute and with muralist painter, Leonard Herbert. In 1966 she and her late husband, Jules Rubinstein, moved to a small pueblo in Mexico. There they painted for the next ten years and developed reputations as fine artists that brought a steady stream of international visitors and art collectors to their home and studios. During the 1968 Olympics, they were chosen to represent the city of Guadalajara's cultural team with an inaugural joint exhibition of their works. In nine days over three thousand people came to view this exhibition.
Jose Luis Meza Inda, Guadalajara art critic for the newspaper, "El Informador", wrote of the artist, who was exhibiting at the Mexican American Institute, "...The seriousness, the rigor, the knowledge of the art of painting, the imagination, the search for profound communications are the trademark of the work of this New York painter whose art is worthy of your visit.
In 1976 the couple spent a year in Israel where Abby lectured on Expressionist art and its philosophy. The artists then returned to California and settled in Visalia where Abby continues to paint and lecture. Her work is in collections in 20 states of the United States as well as in Mexico, Israel, Germany and Canada.